The most frequently asked question is “Why should I purchase a QEI Product?"

The answer to this question can be answered in many ways.

  • QEI is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
  • When you purchase from QEI, you're buying a company, not just a product.
  • QEI has more than 45 years experience in designing, manufacturing, and servicing RF Amplifiers.
  • QEI has put hundreds of millions of hours of “on air” experience with broadcast equipment.
  • Factory training is available on your QEI product. QEI has in house RF/Analog/Software/Mechanical engineering staff.
  • QEI offers on site service availability.
  • All engineering and manufacturing of QEI products is performed at one location in New Jersey.
  • QEI is continually evolving “state of the art” designs.
  • QEI’s Special Systems engineering is available for your specific requirements.
  • QEI focuses on continuous ongoing product improvement, and we welcome your input.
  • QEI has extremely knowledgeable sales and service departments.