QEI Experience

QEI has a long history of designing and manufacturing transportable RF Systems. These types of systems are needed where large amounts of RF are necessary at remote locations. Since 1996, QEI has been designing and manufacturing transportable systems to customer’s specification for use in heavy oil field and also for remediation.

Big or Small

The QEI pre-built transportable RF Systems can accommodate frequencies from 1 MHz to 350 MHz and RF power requirements from a few Watts to 20 kW. Solid-state or single-tube; the QEI pre-engineered, pre-built systems will easily accommodate either variety of QEI RF system.

QEI Provides Enough Room to Grow

Pre-installed electrical wiring and conduit assure a safe reliable system. Each QEI system is designed with plenty of headroom for future growth. Enjoy the convenience of equipment service outlets located where you need them. Safety and serviceability are evidenced in every detail from the great overhead lighting to the ample workspace around the equipment.

QEI Built to Specification

If your business needs include a transportable RF System, QEI is ready to design and build a system to your specifications.