QEI has a long history of providing products for the Broadcast Community. Most of QEI’s products have technical support available. These products include the following.

QEI Model  QEI Product Description  QEI Technical Support 
 571  AM Modulation Monitor  Yes
 671  FM Modulation Monitor  Yes
 771  Stereo Monitor  Yes
 691  FM Modulation Monitor/Test Set  Partial
 772F  Stereo Generator  Yes
 710  Stereo Generator  Partial
 7775  Automatic Transmission System  Partial
 811  SCA Generator  Yes
 675  FM Exciter  Yes
 675B  FM Exciter  Yes
 675T  150, 300, 500, 600 Watt Solid State FM Transmitter  Yes
 695  FM Exciter  Yes
 695T  3.5-kW, 5-kW, 20/30-kW FM Transmitter Series  Yes
 ARC-27  Automatic Remote Control System for FMQ Series  Partial
 Cat-Link  Digital STL/TSL Transport System  Partial
 FMQ-  3.5-kW, 5-kW, 10-kW, 20/30-kW FM Transmitter Series  Yes
 Quantum-M  1.2-kW to 9.6-kW Solid State FM Transmitter Series  Yes
 Quantum 20/50M  Quantum FM Exciter Series  Yes
 Quantum E  150, 300, 600, 1000 Watt Solid State FM Transmitter  Yes