The new QEI FMQ-20KWC and FMQ-30KWC share unique design elements that offer unequaled performance at any price. Conservatively designed for years of trouble free service, the QEI FMQ-Series provide a superb broadcast signal. The FMQ-20KWC and FMQ-30KWC utilize a broadband design that is totally transparent. The new FET Intermediate Power Amplifier (IPA) design draws on decades of QEI experience in solid-state FM transmitters. The IPA utilizes ‘off the shelf’ switching regulators. All IPA metering is located in the power supply assembly. The IPA is joined to a single grounded grid triode for outstanding performance and stability. These elements have evolved into a transmitter unmatched for its quality and reliability.

The FMQ-20KWC and FMQ-30KWC power amplifiers use a single triode in grounded grid service. The grounded grid triode design utilizing a single 3CX15,000A7 offers inherently greater stability, better performance and is less critical in operation than its tetrode counterparts since it requires no neutralization or additional energy consuming power supplies. QEI perfected this design by eliminating the need for conventional plate blockers and sliding contacts. Tube life in the FMQ-20KWC and FMQ-30KWC is outstanding.

QEI pioneered single-phase high power designs and continues to dominate the industry by offering the option of single and three-phase power on all FMQ-series transmitters.

The logically grouped metering and controls are clearly identified for the operator's convenience. A single panel shows total transmitter output status at a glance. The QEI remote control interface is easily connected to virtually all remote controls in use.

In addition to the QEI FMQ-Series ability to tout the best performance specifications, QEI is equally proud that they require the lowest maintenance.

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